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Kemper profiles of a VHT Pittbull, The Pittbull Hundred has two channels of unapologetic attitude with a 100-watt power plant and delivers thick touch sensitive response with a decidedly British persuasion. This is a no-nonsense amplifier with a deceptively simple feature set in which either channel can serve as a Clean, Crunch or High-gain channel.
This package comes with  26 merged profiles: Clean, Crunch, High Gain ,  & Lead 8 different cabinet/mic combinations. Some presets may have a little amount of post Eq and ready to go effects. All profiles created with Pure Cabinet ON set at default 3.0

Lead GBM - VHTea - Bull
High Gain 30M - VHTea - Bull
Crunch LB - VHTea - Bull
Crunch LBM - VHTea - Bull
Clean 30 - VHTea - Bull

20 - Cele speaker Heritage 20 Watts / 30 - Cele speaker Vintage 30 / 75 - Cele speaker G12M75

GB - Cele speaker "GreenBack" / LB - Cele speaker "George Lynch" signature

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