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Dirty - Fried
RockProfiles Marshall Super Bass

Kemper profiles of a Friedman Dirty Shirley. This amp  is based on a modified JTM 45 but still delivers the signature high gain tone for which Friedman is best known. The Dirty Shirley is a 40-watt, single channel amp that will give you that vintage crunch and also cleans up nicely by merely backing off the guitar’s volume knob. Extremely versatile, it is capable of producing many styles of music from blues to rock and country by just adjusting the gain and master controls.

This package comes with 26 merged profiles: Clean, Crunch, High Gain   and Lead with up to 4 different cabinet combinations. Some presets may have a little amount of post Eq and ready to go effects.

Lead - GB - Dirty - Fried
Lead - 30 - Dirty - Fried
High Gain - 75 - Dirty - Fried
Crunch - 20 - Dirty - Fried
Clean - 30 - Dirty - Fried

20 - Cele speaker Heritage 20 Watts / 30 - Cele speaker Vintage 30 / 75 - Cele speaker G12M75

GB - Cele speaker "GreenBack" / LB - Cele speaker "George Lynch" signature

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