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Andrea Martongelli
Pietro Quilichini

​Andrea Martongelli (Arthemis)

"...If you know me well, I'm very selective about Guitar tone and yes, I love technology and evolution, but I'm a true old-school-sound addict; no compromise! These amazing profiles sound huge, open, aggressive and louder than hell! Well done boys! You rock!"

​Pietro Quilichini (Klogr-Alteria)

"...I've always been skeptic about profiling, too many variables to get the right tone and dynamic out of the amps... They worked hard to get top notch results, and I was left speechless! No more disappointment when goin' back and forth between tubes and digital"

Luca Colombo

Alberto Bergonzoni (Gli Atroci)

"I' ve been playing with KAP for many years, but never found profiles sounding like this before... your guitar immediately cuts through the mix without using eq.  
... What I love the most about these profiles is hearing my guitar screaming, biting or caressing at the same time, just like the original microphoned tube amp, without noticing any difference.
This experience finds me incredibly and amazingly astonished everytime!!

Claudio Biancalani ( Raven Tide )

"...Using 7strings guitars, I need the presence in the sound and definition on the bottom end. Many profiles do not work well at the extremes but the ones made by RockProfiles are great for their dynamic and definition on low and high frequencies."...

Luca Colombo

"Awesome sounds by RockProfiles! Studio and live guitar sounds are totally taken to another level."

Marco Sandron (Starsick System)

“These profiles are pure magic.
I still can’t believe to my ears… you can feel the real deal and all the dedication they put to reach this incredible success!
Power, clarity & dynamic… these sounds have everything you need for studio and live applications.
Give it a try to  RockProfiles! YOU NEED IT!”

Thomas Schmid.jpg

Thomas Schmid (Wolfsegger)

“1322. That's the number of Profiles i started with. I’m using the Kemper now for so many years always tryin’ to find my tone.
So I ended up with RockProfiles.
These Profiles really blew my mind, such an insane transparency, they really cut through the Mix. Killer tone guaranteed!

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