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RockProfiles Steavens Poundcake MK1

Kemper profiles of a Steavens Poundcake 100 MK1. It is a mean and beasty amp that pumps a lot of air and packs a punch. The Steavens has its own character- its highgain may be somewhere between Marshall and Diezel, but it retains a certain creaminess in the mids, which sounds expensive, without being mushy or diffuse. Transparency and dynamics of this amp are really absolute top class.

This package comes with  26 merged profiles : Clean, Crunch, Meatn  and Heat with up to 4 different cabinet combinations. Some presets may have a little amount of post Eq and ready to go effects.

Heat GB - Steave - PCake
Meat GB - Steave - PCake
Meat 30 - Steave - PCake
Crunch GB - Steave - PCake
Clean 30 - Steave - PCake

20 - Cele speaker Heritage 20 Watts / 30 - Cele speaker Vintage 30 / 75 - Cele speaker G12M75

GB - Cele speaker "GreenBack" / LB - Cele speaker "George Lynch" signature

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