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5150III - 53VH

Kemper profiles of a EVH 5150III. The 5150III is a full tube 100 watts head designed by Eddie Van Halen. The 5150III amp head's flexible feature set allows creation of tones from clean to crunch to full out distortion.

This package comes with  26 merged profiles: Clean, Crunch, High Gain , and Lead with up to 8 different cabinet combinations. Some presets may have a little amount of post Eq and ready to go effects. All profiles created with Pure Cabinet ON set at default 3.0

20 - Cele speaker Heritage 20 Watts / 30 - Cele speaker Vintage 30 / 75 - Cele speaker G12M75

GB - Cele speaker "GreenBack" / LB - Cele speaker "George Lynch" signature

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