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By popular demand, we took the whole guitar amp collection released in 2017 and created the "All You Can Eat" Guitar Amp Bundle Collection Vol.1

With this bundle you save 40% off regular price. and get all at once many of the best amps availble for your Kemper. If you are a recording studio ,a session player or you simply love to have the best amps profiled, this bundle is for you!

For all existing customers, here's how the Guitar Amp Bundle works for you:
You get an
extra 6 Euro ( 5%) discount over any prevìous guitar amp bought from us!
So, if you already bought 6 amps you'll get an extra 30% off, and you will pay the Bundle 84 euro. In this offer, all our customers have the opportunity to complete their collection without being charged for what they already paid for. If you're interested, write to stating the products you already own and the email address used at the time of the purchase and you'll receive a personalized link to download your discounted Bundle.

Here's the list of the 20 guitar amps profiled: Be - Fried; Cat Lyn50; Dirty - Fried; DZL - Herb; Exta - Bog; FRY :X; Fux OD Sup; Helius - Bog; Legacy - Carved; Mojo - DirtyToy; Pete100 - CusAudEle; Pwy - 51VH; Recto '91 - MeBo; Siva - Bog; Sol100 - Sold; SolX88 - Sold; SP-QR100 - Spawn; Steave - PCake; The Mars Collection; The Mars Super.

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