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Mojo - DirtyToy
RockProfiles Marshall Super Bass

Kemper profiles of a Mojave DirtyBoy. A long time ago Blues Saraceno recorded some solo instrumental records with a  one-of-a-kind amplifier made just for him – he called it “Dirty Boy”. In a marketplace crowded with clones of vintage amps, it’s rare that any product breaks new ground. With ten tubes, five transformers, user-controlled variable feedback, variable bias, and built-in variac, Mojave’s Dirty Boy offers a feature set you can’t get anywhere else.
This package comes with  26 merged profiles: Clean, Crunch, High Gain and Lead with up to 4 different cabinet combinations. Some presets may have a little amount of post Eq and ready to go effects. All profiles created with Pure Cabinet ON set at default 3.0

High Gain LB - Mojo - DirtyToy
Lead 30 - Mojo - DirtyToy
Lead GB - Mojo - DirtyToy
Crunch 20 - Mojo - DirtyToy
Lo Crunch 30 - Mojo - DirtyToy

20 - Cele speaker Heritage 20 Watts / 30 - Cele speaker Vintage 30 / 75 - Cele speaker G12M75

GB - Cele speaker "GreenBack" / LB - Cele speaker "George Lynch" signature

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