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Let Your Kemper SCREAM!


As rock guitar players, we're used to punchy low end and an healthy dose of screaming mid/highs, necessary to cut through modern mixes, full of doubled guitars and powerful , sample reinforced drums.

No matter if you play Rock, Hard Rock, A.O.R or Metal, the guitar needs that "in your face" sound.

That's why we took our time and started experimenting in the studio with a unique collection of rock oriented amps combined to the best and commonly used speakers by the rock guitarists in the past decades.

After that, we tested  a combination of mics, preamps, eq's and studio gear to capture the sound we're looking for.

Every amp has been profiled with the Direct Amp tecnique (see your Kemper manual for details) and every preset has been differently eq'ed and profiled up with a customized mic(s) position.

For every profiled amp you'll get  up to 42 combinations of Amp settings and cabinets.

Sometimes , especially at low gain settings, the differences are very subtle but  increasing the gain every different speakers used will reveal its own voice.

Some  of the profiled amps have a pronounced eq in the mid/high region, depending on your instrument (especially with single coil pickups) and tuning used you'll might find necessary to cut your High and/or Presence controls.

All the profiles are meant to be used in a recording environment but are perfectly fine to be used for live performances also.

As a last note, we strongly encourage you to use the s/pdif out for recording into your DAW, if you're using the standard 44.1KHz sample frequency. You'll benefit of one less AD/DA conversion and lower latency in some cases.




Thanks for getting in touch with us! We'll get back to you ASAP!

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